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No facts.  Just a waiting game with no potential outlays.

Yeah, so get out there.  Make your own path.  Travel down/up roads never ridden.  Untrodden.  Take a leap of faith.

Ahhhh, there you go.  Faith.  Well you can’t have it if you can’t define it from the text it first originated.  But without getting spiritual, the faith is there.  Will that present to me new roads?  Is waiting another term for laziness?  I don’t mind leaning against a wall and watching time go by.  But it’s not the same as waiting on a friend.  The friend is a known entity.  But what I’m talking about is, I guess, employment.

Ahhhh, employment.  All for the Almighty Dollar.  Well, it’s not like we all want a boss.  But if it comes down to that, so be it.  Anything else would be considered Entrepreneurial and that takes money and credit to make it happen.  Not to mention an idea.  My last name is Debt and Negative Credit is my middle name.  So, with that “fact”, my only option is employment with a boss.  And what that means is I can’t wait long or else I’ll be out on the streets.

Okay, so what do I need to do to find and get employment. First look locally.  Being the fact that I’ve gone “Green”, my only mode of transportation is my bicycle.  So that leaves me only local businesses.  And I can’t walk into any old office and ask if they’re looking for anybody.  So that pretty much leaves retail stores.  Which I do consider myself a master customer service rep, but I’m not a big fan of handling money or being a cashier.  I just want to do something that is somewhat of a challenge.  Helping out dumb asses in menial retail is below my skill level.  Unless it’s high end retail of some kind.  Any examples?  And I’ve never really been a Manager.  I’ve been an Assistant Manager, but handling employees isn’t something I relish.  I have a lot of things that I know I don’t want to do, but to say that I have a lot of ideas that I do want to do would be a misnomer.  Although I do like to travel.  I like to write.  I can edit well.  I like to create.  I like to watch movies and listen to music.  I like to read the Bible and I like to talk about health issues.

Okay, so I can come up with ideas, but there’s no where I know where to get such employment to get paid to do such things.  Yea, the internet has a lot of ideas, but nothing ever seems to come from them.  Yea I can look all over America and the world for employment but that goes back to my previous blog regarding Educated & Broke.  It always seems that I have to take what I can get.  Then it doesn’t last.

Well, I just consider this me helping myself.  And maybe if I share then someone else might benefit.  And I like being of help where I can.




Short Story

I once played with a rotten egg.  Well not for very long.  I threw it against the wall and it splattered all over the place.  It was thrown outside so I didn’t have to pick up the mess.  I left it in the alleyway.  Now, at that time I was 9 years old, I’m 43 now.  But the concept I learned from that was this – The rottenness of a thing can be smashed and left in pieces to be picked up by no one and life goes on.  Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.  Well you can still smile, but I say, leave your troubles behind.

More to come.

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Educated & Broke

Well here we are.  Another gray day in Cali.  I’d go back to Phoenix where the sun is out at 5:30am, but I left all my troubles behind there and 16 years is long enough.  I love Hawaii but I’m gonna wait a year or 2 to let the Tsunami refuse from Japan run ashore onto the beaches of Oahu, then I’ll go back when it’s all cleaned up.  But that doesn’t help me now.  Gotta stay in America.  The Northern states are out – to cold.  The South East states are out because of the Tornadoes.  So that pretty much leaves Texas and New Mexico.  Yeah, true, it’s hot as balls, but that’s what Air-conditioning is for.  And it’s all about loving the Son 1st and the Sun 2nd.  It just enhances the mood, and the body wants to move when it’s warm, especially when it feels and looks like high noon at 6am.

Well neither my education nor my finances are going to be of any assistance to get me from here to there.  But I won’t leave you downtrodden.  I can show excitement and in that way things will take shape.  There are two simple tactics to meet to make such a move happen:

#1. Have a job lined up

#2. Must have three months of living expenses

I say three because an apartment will require first and last months rent, leaving you with money for three months of food and one month left over for another rent payment if necessary.  Also, this is all that is left for emergencies, so take more if you can.  #2 though is mostly based on the premise that #1 isn’t accomplished.  #1 is the ultimate possibility, but you can still make the move without a job lined up, just make sure your going with enough funds.

Question – Do many employers accept a potential employee, knowing they’re traveling from another state?

Answer – Sure, but that will more often than not be based on your proven experience and what previous work accomplishments you can bring to the table.  In my case, my diploma is 15 years old (basically now only good for fire starter) and my work history is of no consequence to a business as far as being a – must have, irreplaceable potential asset to the company.

So, back to the gray.  Here I am.  Educated & Broke.  I can’t be the only one.  Do you want to get out of your rut, your location, your mindset, your relationship? (no, stay in that – that will be another blog).  Well follow me and together we’ll get it all put together famously.

5 tips to be elaborated on more in the future.

1. Bible  2. Networking (Cutting the Internet and Getting Out)  3. Bicycle (Going Green)      4. Beating Meat  5. Minimalism

All the Best

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